The Console Warehouse

The Console Warehouse was established in December 2019


At the Console Warehouse, we are a company with a big input into Modding Xbox 360’s allowing users/gamers to do the impossible with endless possibilities.


Our goal is to make Modded Xbox’s suitable for everyone. If you are a novice or a veteran gamer, we aim to make all our products easy to use for any individual, giving you an experience like no other.

Console Warehouse products allow you do the impossible with your console and bring the best gaming enhancements to the most popular games.


Our products are directed towards a very large audience, from the generation who want to play vintage games such as SNES, Sega, Playstation 1 games on a Modded Xbox, to the younger generation who want to amaze their gamer friends and do the impossible in the world of online gaming.

2 hours ago
Jack S.
(verified owner)

Packaging was good everything about the RGH described in the consolewarehouse videos is on point 👍 I’m happy with it

9 hours ago
(verified owner)

Great Custom Xbox 360
The only complaint is that the power brick is quite loud.

1 week ago
(verified owner)

Met every expectation I had! Only complaint is that the fan/fans are really loud. Otherwise, it's exactly as advertised!

2 weeks ago
David P.
(verified owner)

Was not disappointed in the purchase, very easy to use, and a great idea for saving your game collection on the hard drive.
Another idea i may do is add a external hdd for both original xbox and xbox 360 games.

2 weeks ago
Adam R.
(verified owner)

Works fine good quality service

2 weeks ago

Amazing! Always been a Marvel fan and this console just looks incredible in person. The item itself arrived with everything as described and I am already enjoying playing on my custom Xbox. 👍🏻

2 weeks ago

Got here so fast!!! Had to take off work and play

2 weeks ago

Arrived in perfect shape and works great. International shipping was incredibly fast! What more could you want?

2 weeks ago

I was impressed by the wrapping when I got this and the console… WOW! It puts all other RGH sellers to shame, console boot time is very fast, fan speeds are quiet but also cool down the console so its not too hot and its even setup for you. I’m very happy with it overall.

2 weeks ago

Product is excellent and works exactly how they have described. Well worth the price and easy to set up due to tutorials on YouTube!