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How Anyone Can Jailbreak the PS4 on 9.00 with a USB (Full Tutorial)

PS4 Jailbreak Tutorial 9.00 Firmware Update! How to jailbreak your PS4 console in 2021 on the new 9.00 update with just a USB stick! Very easy to do and I did my best to make this tutorial for newbies as well as more experience users. All the required download links can be found below.

Exploit URL:


PlayStation 5 New Jailbreak Release News

Playstation 5 Jailbreak Release News!

The PlayStation 5 has allegedly been hacked by the group called Fail0verflow, the hackers responsible for jailbreaking the PS3, PS4, and more recently, the Switch. Rootkeys have been obtained using software which are used to decrpyt files.

This can then closely lead to the console being jailbroken, as the video above suggests, its possible this may not be the case.


Please watch the video for further details.


Is the Console Warehouse Legit and Reliable?

Is the Console Warehouse Legit and Reliable?

Console Warehouse Reviews are displayed on our website here and there are many reasons to choose us over other RGH providers as explained in this video.

Here are just a few examples of what we provide our customers:

12 Month Warranty Fast shipping Securely packed in a custom made cardboard box Fully tracked and insured shipping All consoles are fully serviced, cleaned and then modified

We really look forward to dealing with you!



Unreleased Spider-Man 4 Gameplay Leaked (Xbox 360 RGH)

Unreleased Spider-Man 4 Gameplay Leaked on an Xbox 360 RGH Console

Despite Spider-Man 4 never being released, it can be played on an Xbox RGH Console Sadly the Spider-Man 4 movie starring Tobey Maguire was canceled and never ended up being released despite the script being developed and actors beginning to prepare for their roles. During this time a Spider-Man 4 game was being developed and was scheduled for release.

This leak shows how much work was done on the game before being canceled and thanks to the Xbox RGH consoles, it is possible to see the unreleased Spider-Man 4 game.


FREE Xbox 360 RGH Giveaway 5000+ Games Installed! (Worldwide)

Free Modded Xbox 360 RGH Giveaway 2021 with 5000+ Games Installed Worldwide!

What you will win! Gears of War RGH Console with Red LED's Modified power button with Red LED Gears of War controller with Red LED Power supply and original box Free worldwide shipping to your location 5000+ Games and Playstation, SEGA, SNES, Gameboy Emulators installed

Giveaway ends on October 31st!



Why Buy a Modded Xbox 360 RGH in 2021 from the Console Warehouse

Why Buy a Modded Xbox 360 RGH from the Console Warehouse? There is many other providers out there but as explained in this video, Console Warehouse offer a unique experience with a promised guarantee.

12 Month Warranty On All Custom Xbox’s Worldwide Xbox 360 Custom Delivery Packaged in secure custom made carboard boxes User friendly and easy to use Fast delivery Fully insured and tracked shipping Professional Installs By Qualified Technicians Professionally Serviced and Cleaned

Console Warehouse is the leading Modded Xbox RGH provider, producing the highest quality Xbox RGH/JTAG consoles at competitive prices. Modded Xbox's allow you to mod/cheat on Call of Duty, GTA 5 and more, along with being able to play vintage SEGA, SNES games. Our collection of modded xbox's can be used by newcomers and the most veteran of modders.

To browse our collection of Xbox 360 RGH Custom Consoles, please click here.


GTA 5 Mod Menu Download Xbox 360 RGH

Do the impossible whilst playing with friends in GTA 5 using your Custom Xbox 360 RGH Console.

It's essential that you have seen our Custom Xbox 360 RGH guide before attempting to follow this video, you can find our tutorial guide here if you haven't watched it already.

Click here to download the GTA 5 Mod Menu


You can buy a Modded Xbox RGH from our collection by clicking here.


Why you Need a Modded Xbox RGH in 2020

Why you need a Modded Xbox RGH in 2020 and the outstanding benefits of owning one!

  • Play vintage games SNES, ATARI, SEGA, N64, PS1, PS2
  • Ability to modify your favourite games
  • Install free games direct to your hard drive
  • Unlimited Xbox dashboard customisation


You can buy a Modded Xbox RGH from our collection by clicking here.


Console Warehouse is the leading Modded Xbox RGH provider, producing the highest quality Xbox RGH/JTAG consoles at competitive prices. Modded Xbox's allow you to mod/cheat on Call of Duty, GTA 5 and more, along with being able to play vintage SEGA, SNES games. Our collection of modded xbox's can be used by newcomers and the most veteran of modders.


Custom Xbox 360 Downloads

If you have purchased a Modded Xbox 360 from Console Warehouse, all files needed will be pre-loaded onto your Xbox before delivery and ready for you play to use your Xbox. However, if you are setting up a brand new hard drive on your Xbox, you will require the following files to be installed on your Xbox which can be downloaded below.

Here is a list of the required files and plugins with an overview of what they are and what they do


Freestyle Dash: Freestyle dash is a custom dashboard which allows you to, install games, use custom skins, make your own skins, and has endless customization.

Freestyle Dash

Download Freestyle Dash Here


XeX Menu: This is an application that all RGHs and JTAG modded Xbox 360’s absolutely required. This allows you to edit/add/remove files from your console and also enables you to rip/install your games to your console.

XeX Menu

Download XeX Menu Here


Dashlaunch: An application that you can download and run through XeX Menu. It is designed to set plugins to your console, so that you can connect your Modded Xbox to your PC through Xbox 360 Neighborhood, set up a stealth server, and use RPC tools.


Download Dashlaunch Here


Neighbourhood: With your console set up with the basics you will need to prepare your Computer (PC) to prepare to host online. You must download X360 Neighborhood to do this. X360 Neighborhood is an application that links your console and PC over Wi-Fi


In order for your neighbourhood to work, you need to set a plugin 1 to “Xbdm.xex” this is why dashlaunch is so important, as you need it to link your Xbox 360 to your computer. Neighborhood is a key ingredient to using modding tools like RPC, XRPC, JRPC, RTE and gold spoofers. The plugins you will require can also be found below (All our xbox's will arrive with the plugins you need installed already)

Download Neighbourhood Here


Click here to download all the plugins you will need which include: xbdm, jrpc, jrpc2, rpc


Just to make clear, all the files above will already be installed on your modded xbox if you order one from us however, you must order a hard drive so the files can be installed!

Please inform us if any of the links above stop working.

Getting your Custom RGH Xbox Setup and Online

Xbox 360 RGH Tutorial 2021. How to setup your Xbox 360 RGH console in 2021 and do various things such as play online, install games, and more.

The following 10 video tutorial guide will show you how to setup and use your Custom Xbox to its full potential. Our 10 video tutorials below go into detail on how to get your Xbox set up and playing for new users who have never used one previously.

Any videos which require you to click a link or download a file will display the required link below the video on this same page which allows you to stay in one place at all times.

Please ensure you watch each episode in full and in order. It is also important to take your time, as learning how to use your console is essential in being able to enjoy and obtain the ultimate gaming experience.

Click here to download Xbox 360 Neighborhood on your PC or Laptop

Click here to purchase a new RGH KV if you require one.

(All consoles supplied by Console Warehouse already install 1 KV free of charge)

Click here to purchase XbOnline Stealth Server time or obtain a free trial

Thank you for taking your time on learning how to use your Custom Xbox 360. As mentioned in the video tutorials, it is important that you step back and take your time to learn how to use your console as there is a lot to know.

We recommend you bookmark this page so you can re-visit this page if you ever need to re-watch these video tutorials. Please ensure you have watched each episode in full before contacting us, as 99% of any questions or problems you may have are answered in these video tutorials.

Thank you and enjoy your ultimate gaming machine!