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Modded Xbox Tutorials

Getting your Custom RGH Xbox Setup and Online

Xbox 360 RGH Tutorial 2021. How to setup your Xbox 360 RGH console in 2021 and do various things such as play online, install games, and more.

The following 10 video tutorial guide will show you how to setup and use your Custom Xbox to its full potential. Our 10 video tutorials below go into detail on how to get your Xbox set up and playing for new users who have never used one previously.

Any videos which require you to click a link or download a file will display the required link below the video on this same page which allows you to stay in one place at all times.

Please ensure you watch each episode in full and in order. It is also important to take your time, as learning how to use your console is essential in being able to enjoy and obtain the ultimate gaming experience.

Click here to download Xbox 360 Neighborhood on your PC or Laptop

Click here to purchase a new RGH KV if you require one.

(All consoles supplied by Console Warehouse already install 1 KV free of charge)

Click here to purchase XbOnline Stealth Server time or obtain a free trial

Thank you for taking your time on learning how to use your Custom Xbox 360. As mentioned in the video tutorials, it is important that you step back and take your time to learn how to use your console as there is a lot to know.

We recommend you bookmark this page so you can re-visit this page if you ever need to re-watch these video tutorials. Please ensure you have watched each episode in full before contacting us, as 99% of any questions or problems you may have are answered in these video tutorials.

Thank you and enjoy your ultimate gaming machine!