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Before contacting us please have a look at our FAQ’s below as they answer 90% of all queries we commonly receive.

At checkout please click the yellow Amazon button to securely purchase your item from us via the Amazon Pay payment processor, if you encounter any issues feel free to contact us below!

We have sent thousands of Xbox’s all over the world including China, Japan, Germany, Israel, Hawaii and more! We are based in the United Kingdom

Our ‘How to Play Online’ video tutorial video shows the user how to setup online with the Xbonline stealth server. Any issues connecting to Xbox Live, playing online, freezing etc can be resolved by speaking to the Xbonline support team by opening a support ticket here or joining their Discord server.

If the customer decides to use Xbonline stealth server to play on Xbox Live (we install this on all our consoles) you will not get console banned very often. When the console does get banned you can simply purchase a KV here from us which will then instantly unban the console and allow you to play again. A tutorial video is supplied on the product page and on our website.

It is also possible to get your Xbox Live account banned, we recommend setting up a separate Xbox Live account to play online with so you do not risk getting your own personal account getting banned as this cannot be undone.

Yes, all Xbox’s shipped from us will have a tracking number which you will be given on the date of shipment

Sadly not. But you can purchase one from eBay or your local store, any Xbox 360 controller will be compatible with our Custom RGH Xbox 360 consoles.

Yes, you can! NCAA Football 14 completely overhauls the game, bringing it to an updated and more modern day standard and can only be played on our Custom Xbox consoles.

Sadly no. We only accept payments through our website, the payment gateway we use on the Console Warehouse is Amazon Pay which is 100% trusted and secure. If you receive an email suggesting otherwise asking for payment through another site or payment processor, please do not proceed as they may be impersonating us and attempting to scam. Our email address always ends with

If you’ve only recently received your Xbox from the Console Warehouse and you’ve got to the stage where you are about to connect to Xbox Live with XbOnline stealth server enabled (following the video tutorial guide on the site) and a message appears saying you need to update your console, it is safe to update. Click yes on the message and allow the console to update. You will now be able to play online.


However, if you see this message weeks/months later after getting your console, you must contact us first before updating the console.

Our currency converter will show you how much your item will be in your country’s currency throughout the site, once you get to checkout Amazon Pay requires you to pay in our currency GBP (£). Amazon Pay then safely converts GPB (£) to the equivalent of the amount in your currency.

Please refer to our reviews on our products, we have a great reputation for what we make sure every customer has the best experience with us

All delivery time estimates are displayed at checkout once you select the country you live in, you will then be given the estimated length of time it will take for your custom Xbox to arrive.

No, at the Console Warehouse we comply with piracy/copyright laws therefore, games and mod menus are not pre-installed on our consoles. However, installing your own games using the disk is very simple to do and is included in our free tutorial video guide.

In the United Kingdom, although over 50% of all our customers are from other countries such as the USA, Canada and across Europe.

Before contacting us please have a look at our FAQ’s above as they answer 90% of all queries we commonly receive.

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