Xbox 360 Slim Custom Preloaded 1TB Hard Drive

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Take this opportunity to get a massive 1TB storage capacity for your Custom Xbox 360!

This hard drive is such a great product for those who want to increase storage capacity and without worrying about setting up software onto their own “Custom Console”.

All of the important files and software required to run your “Custom Console” are already installed on the hard drive for you to get your console running smoothly.

If you are not too sure about how to get the best from your new hard drive we have tutorial videos to guide you through getting the maximum functionality from your Custom Xbox.

What does the Custom Xbox 360 Hard Drive include?

The following is installed on the hard drive:

Pre-loaded plugins: To make sure our customers can get straight into using their Xbox to the maximum, Console Warehouse pre-load all of the required software plugins you need to increase the functionality and get you online immediately. All plugins are put on a USB for safety reasons you can place files on your Xbox using the USB without damaging the internal software of your Xbox.

XeX menu: This application is essential and we install it on all our consoles free of charge, it allows you to install your games, manage games, mod games and is the hub for all your custom Xbox needs

Dash launch: Another essential application that gets installed on all Xbox’s before being delivered. This manages your mods and stealth servers for getting on Xbox Live.

Aurora: We offer our customers the Aurora dashboard, to customise your dashboard using custom skins, boot up, animations, sounds, notifications and so much more. We use Aurora as this software is updated regularly and the freestyle was last updated 10 years ago!

Neighborhood: This is a free program that you can get on your PC, which links to your console allowing you to put files onto your hard drive via your PC

XbOnline Stealth Server: All our consoles are supplied with XbOnline which is one of the leading stealth servers providing a very reliable and stable online experience, allowing you to play with friends and other players on Xbox Live. XbOnline also gives you in-built cheats for a range of different games which can be used right away, without the need of downloading or installing any files or software.

All plugins are fully set up for you

Why you should buy a Custom Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

The hard drive capacity of this hard drive is 1TB allowing you to install 100’s games! 

The custom hard drive allows you to use emulators which give you access to play over 2500 vintage games.

You can play Sega, Nintendo, N64, Atari, PlayStation 1 & 2, and 50% of the original titles for the Xbox Original. You can, therefore, play your favorite retro games straight from the custom Xbox 360  plus add your vintage SNES games

Fully set up to help newcomers to customize their Custom Xbox

Full tutorial video support to get you started 

Please note: You require a modified Xbox RGH to be able to use this hard drive. If you don’t already own a Modded Xbox you can purchase one from our shop and have one of these hard drives arrive with your Xbox.

If you have a problem with your order please contact our customer service email and we’ll do our best to help you. A refund and return will be issued if there is a technical fault with the product and it is returned in its original condition, this will only be valid 30 days after the purchase date.

Warranty? Your hard drive comes with a 3-year warranty. This covers the hard drive for mechanical failure. It does not cover the hard drive for misuse or downloading corrupt or damaging software onto your hard drive.

What is the product specification?
Form factor: 2.5-inch
Interface: SATA 6.0 Gbit/s)
Advanced Format (AF); Yes
RoHS compatible; Yes
Halogen Free: Yes
Shock Sensor: Yes
Recording Technology CMR: HDWJ110UZSVA, HDWK105UZSVA, HDWJ105UZSVA
Hard Drive Performance
Rotational speed: 5,400 rpm
Buffer size; 128 MB (1 TB Slim, 2 TB)
Average latency: 5.56 ms
Native Command Queuing (NCQ) supported
Reliability: MTTF 600,000 hours
Unrecoverable error rate: 1 per 10E14 bits read
Power Management: Supply voltage 5VDC (±5%)
Consumption – Read/Write: 1.65 W typ. (1 TB Slim, 2 TB), 1.5 W typ. (500 GB, 500 GB Slim, 1 TB)
Consumption – Low Power Idle: 0.85 W typ. (1 TB Slim, 2 TB), 0.55 W typ. (500 GB, 500 GB Slim, 1 TB)
Temperature (operating / non-operating) 0 – 65° C (1 TB Slim, 2 TB), 5 – 63° C (500 GB, 500 GB Slim, 1 TB)/ -40 – 65°C
Vibration (operating): 1.0 G (5 to 500 Hz)
Vibration (non-operating): 5.0 G (15 to 500 Hz)
Dimensions: 100 (L) x 69.85 (W) x 9.5 (H) mm (500 GB – 2 TB), 100 (L) x 69.85 (W) x 7.0 (H) mm (500 GB Slim, 1 TB Slim)
Weight (approx.): 117 g max. (1 TB, 2 TB)

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No Software, Pre-Loaded Software


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