Key Vault (KV) for a Xbox 360 Custom Console

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Custom Xbox 360 RGH Key Vaults (KV)

  • Unban your Xbox in seconds
  • Easily unban your console when it gets console banned from Xbox Live
  • All Key Vaults from Console Warehouse are safely secured
  • 100% Unshared
  • 100% Unbanned
  • Instant Delivery to your email address

What is a RGH Key Vault and why do you need one?

A Keyvault (Or KV for short) is a file that can be found on your console’s hard drive. This file holds your Xbox system’s unique serial number. When purchasing this product you will obtain an unshared RGH KV file.

If you have an RGH/JTAG Xbox, key vaults are needed for unbanning yourself on Xbox Live, as bans will happen when cheating and modding online. We’re the cheapest and most reliable place to buy un-shared KV’s, whether it’s to host modded lobbies for your friends or to even set up a business of your own, we’re here to make that happen!

How it works: Very simply, after you’ve determined how many KV’s you want and have purchased them you’ll receive an email with the download to the KV’s you ordered instantly. Next, all you need to do is move the kv.bin and the cpukey.txt file onto the root of your hard drive using a USB or neighborhood then reboot. If you get stuck you can refer to our video tutorial by clicking here.

Are we a legitimate business?  Out of all the questions, we get asked this is the one we are asked the most. Here at Console Warehouse, we provide a legitimate service and we do our best to create a fast and effective experience for all customers

Refund Policy: We are 100% trusted and track our digital product sales through to delivery. There are no refunds on any of our digital products.



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    Was sent to me instantly after i bought. Works and does exactly what is said on the website! 👌🏻

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